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Paradigm Medical is the trusted Canadian distributor of American Breast Care (ABC) Custom Breast Prosthesis. We have over 25 years of experiencing serving and supporting Canadians.

ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis are Made Just for You, Because You Deserve the Best!!!

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis is a premium solution that restores symmetry & volume for women who’ve experienced breast cancer-related surgeries, regardless of surgery type. These prostheses are created from detailed scans of your chest wall & bra supported breast (or from the breast form of your choice). This state-of-the-art technology guarantees a one-of-a-kind breast prosthesis that’s perfect for your unique needs.


ABC takes pride in their commitment to the amazing women that they serve. The goal is not only to provide quality products & education but to facilitate a positive & impactful experience in the lives of those within reach. Lastly, American Breast Care proudly features only breast cancer survivors to model all of our post-mastectomy products. We can help you feel good in your skin again by connecting you with a local retailer/fitter.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Custom Prosthesis

Is a Custom Breast Prosthesis Covered by Government & Extended Insurance?

Most insurances cover the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis. Check with your insurance to see if you have this covered benefit.

Are Custom Breast Prostheses Good Alternatives to Surgical Breast Reconstruction?

YES! Many women use the custom breast prosthesis as a nonsurgical alternative to breast reconstruction. Our custom breast prosthesis gives survivors the benefits of restored balance & symmetry without the physical and mental anguish of additional surgeries.

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis is also a great alternative for women who have had reconstruction and are still looking for balance that wasn’t achieved with surgical reconstruction.


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