Lambswool provides padding between under and top of the toes, ballet shoes


Item: ML101

  • Provides soft resilient padding, between, under or on top of the toes
  • Helps protect corns, calluses, and irritated areas
  • Helps to prevent blisters
  • Used to pack the toe area of ballet shoes
go seamless non-binding socks stretchy

Diabetic & Comfort Socks

Made of a soft combed cotton reducing pressure, shearing and friction. Additional manufacturing steps taken to increase softness to the socks. There is no binding or bunching, therefore providing optimal protection. Available in a good selection of styles and colors.

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Genext Active Orthotic


Recommended for diabetes, arthritis, foot discomfort, metatarsal pain, arch or heel pain. Biomechanically engineered to relieve foot, knee and low-back pain, to improve performance and endurance and to maximize comfort and protection.

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xpandasox navy


Xpandasox feature a stretchy, sewn-in Xpandapanel that is ideal for accommodating people with wide calves and medical conditions that cause leg swelling, including lymphedema, lipedema, those who wear wraps or bandages, wound care, leg braces and many more.

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