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Throughout the year, we give comprehensive training sessions to educate, refresh and help you get started with your business. Aimed to health professionals or patients, our different webinars will help you obtain a better understanding of the products we carry and different conditions we help treat.

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Become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter

This course is made for both new and experienced professionals that wish to get into the fitting business or want to update their certificate. Starting from the basics of breast cancer, fitting room etiquette and how to support your clients throughout their journey. We also cover the types of surgeries, the ideal products for each condition and proper techniques to measure for bras and breast forms.

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biovest Bio Compression Lymphedema treatment for arms and trunk unilateral

Become a Certified Pneumatic Compression Fitter

This course is designed for health professionals dealing with Lymphedema, Edema and Wound Care. We cover the basics of these conditions and how they affect the patient’s life and how we can help them improve their lives with the help of our products. You will be instructed on which garment to select for your patient and how to take the appropriate measurements for each different garment. The course also has a hands-on part, where a device is sent to you and, over the phone, we go over the operation and different settings configurations. 

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Become a Partner

We are currently accepting applications for new accounts, this application is needed to deal with all of our products. There is no fee to open an account or to receive the printed copy of our catalogue. We also require an account to release the wholesale price list.

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