Diabetic & Comfort Socks



Providing daily comfort

Sizes:  S/M, L/XL

Colour: Black, White, Navy

    • No inside seam, no irritating ridges
    • Non-binding foot and calf comfort
    • Constructed to provide extra cushioning as well as a smooth fit without pressure, bunching and tightness
    • Soft combed cotton construction. Wicks away moisture
    • Suitable for all shoe types…dress, casual, orthopedic, sport and boots



Providing daily comfort

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Colour: Black

    • No inside seam, no irritating ridges
    • Non binding
    • Provides a smooth dressier fit without pressure, bunching or tightness
    • Wicks away moisture to add to a comfortable fit



Comfort sock to accommodate swelling caused by conditions such as vascular disease, lymphedema or injury

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Colours: Black, Navy, White

  • No inside seams, no irritating ridges
  • Conforms to the foot providing a smooth fit, helping to eliminate shearing, bunching and pressure points
  • Soft combed cotton construction
  • Can be worn over open toe compression stockings or casts in order to provide warmth to the toes
  • Stretches to accommodate swelling

go seamless non-binding socks stretchy


Additional heel to toe comfort and protection

Colour: Gray/White

  • No inside seams, no irritating ridges
  • Engineered to provide extra cushioning under the foot from heel to toe
  • Non binding foot and calf comfort
  • Combed cotton and Coolmax/polyester construction, wicks away moisture from the foot helping to prevent friction and shearing
  • Suitable for several shoe types